Numeria at 3rd SPES Summer Seminar-Lisbon_Portugal

Alberto Dusi and Elena Manzoni, our technical directors, speak up at SPES.

The SPES Summer Seminars are a joint initiative of the Portuguese Society of Earthquake Engineering (SPES), the National Laboratory of Civil Engineering (LNEC) and the company PRETENSA, aiming at the dissemination of themes in the area of ​​Seismic Engineering.

LNEC - Main Auditorium - October 22nd and 23rd 2018


In this 3rd Seminar, two themes will be considered relevant to the building existing in Portugal: What can be done to reduce the seismic vulnerability of buildings in masonry as well as the built historical heritage and how to reinforce existing concrete buildings in Portugal through energy dissipation.

The first day will be devoted to strengthening and mitigating the effects of earthquakes on historic buildings and masonry. An eminently practical approach will be taken with cases in Portugal, Italy and other parts of the world. In addition to conventional solutions, basic insulation applications will be analyzed in historic buildings in Italy.

The second day will be dedicated to the reinforcement of existing building in reinforced concrete using energy dissipating devices. It will present a panorama of the built with these characteristics in Portugal and its vulnerabilities. The use of conventional techniques, as well as the use of energy dissipation devices to reduce their seismic vulnerability.


Numeria at Sondrio Order of Engineers

Alberto Dusi will make a presentation on "Seismic Vulnerability and Structural Monitoring of Strategic Buildings" in Sondrio on November 23, 2018.


Structural inspection

Numeria at SAHC2018

Numeria at SAHC 2018 in Cusco, Perù.

Education | Rehabilitation and retrofit

Rocca di Sissa: let's go on

Rocca di Sissa: restoration works start. Numeria supervises structural works

Consulting | Restoration

Bayintnaung Bridge, Yangoon, Myanmar

The seismic retrofit design of the Bayintnaung bridge in Yangoon has been succesfully completed and the report submitted to the Myanmar Ministry of Construction.

Numeria was actively involved in the structural assessment and sesimic retrofit design of the bridge that, due to its location, plays a stratefic role in the transportation system of Yangoon.

Consulting | Rehabilitation and retrofit