Mirandola building after the June 2012 main shock

LOCATION: Mirandola, Italy YEAR: 2014

Mirandola apartment building

Consulting | Rehabilitation and retrofit

The beautiful 16th century apartment building in Mirandola, registered as historic place, was heavily damaged by the 2012 Emilia earthquake.

Numeria was appointed by the owners to design and manage the seismic retrofit and refurbishment. We overview all aspects of projects, from vulnerability assessment to design and work supervision. The approach followed by Numeria team allowed the handover of the keys of a fully refurbished apartment building one year ahead the allotted time.

The approach followed by Numeria team brought several benefits to clients. By doing a very detailed seismic vulnerability evaluation, Numeria assessed and identified the extent and severity of structural and cosmetic damage. Along with the assessment, the team developed innovative, cost-effective solutions for seismic upgrading. Use of steel fibers has been made for both in-plane and out-of-plane unreinforced masonry. General reconfiguration and refurbishment was also needed to bring the building up to modern standards.

Palazzo Magio Grasselli

Palazzo Magio Grasselli

LOCATION: Cremona YEAR: 2021 CLIENT: Municipality of Cremona, Italy
Detail of Zucchi Falcina Facade

Zucchi Falcina South Facade

LOCATION: Soresina, cremona, Italy YEAR: 2021 CLIENT: Fondazione Benefattori Soresinesi


LOCATION: On Lne https://landing.cientifica.edu.pe/seminarioar YEAR: 2021
Pacioli school in Crema

retrofit of Pacioli secondary school

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Rocca de

Restoration of medieval Rocca de Terzi

LOCATION: Sissa YEAR: 2018 CLIENT: Municipality of Sissa Trecasali, PR; Italy
Downtown residential building in Kathmandu

Damage survey, vulnerability assessment and retrofit of a residential building in Nepal

LOCATION: Lalitpur (Nepal) YEAR: 2016 CLIENT: Downtown Housing Company Pvt. Ltd.
Mirandola building after the June 2012 main shock

Mirandola apartment building

LOCATION: Mirandola, Italy YEAR: 2014
Finite Element Model of the base isolated reactor core

EC funded project ESNII +

YEAR: 2013-2016 CLIENT: European Commission - European Atomic Energy Community