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YEAR: 2011-2014 CLIENT: European Commission - European Atomic Energy Community

EC funded project SILER

Research and developement | Base isolation and energy dissipation

The EU-funded project SILER (Seismic-Initiated events risk mitigation in LEad-cooled Reactors - www.siler.eu) performed a study into the risks associated with seismic-initiated events in Gen IV reactors, and developed adequate protection measures. The focus was on developing and applying mitigation strategies such as seismic isolators for LFRs.

In the framework of SILER project, Numeria staff worked on the design of the base isolation system as well as foundation and provided guidelines for installation, inspection and replacement of isolators.

Project partners performed a thorough examination of the risks and consequences associated with external dynamic loads on LFRs by analysing the behaviour of the plants under seismic conditions. Specific layout solutions were suggested and suitable seismic isolators were manufactured, together with the related interface components. These included flexible joints for pipelines and cover joints to protect the seismic gap surrounding the isolated portion of the plant.
For the first time, seismic isolators such as high damping rubber bearings and lead rubber bearings were tested using real 3D dynamic excitations to define the safety margins. In addition, project partners developed suitable flexible joints for the pressurised hot steam pipeline that leads to the turbine building. This is the most critical pipeline, crossing the seismic gap between the isolated and non-isolated parts of the plant.
SILER drew up guidelines and recommendations for the design, qualification, in-service inspection, maintenance and replacement of isolators. The project also placed focus on transferring the generated knowledge to sodium fast reactors as well as Gen III advanced nuclear reactors.
Standardisation of seismically isolated nuclear reactors should have a positive impact on the economics of next-generation reactors. By providing safe designs of seismic isolators for LFRs, SILER facilitates the EU move to a competitive low-carbon economy by 2050.

Palazzo Magio Grasselli

Palazzo Magio Grasselli

LOCATION: Cremona YEAR: 2021 CLIENT: Municipality of Cremona, Italy
Detail of Zucchi Falcina Facade

Zucchi Falcina South Facade

LOCATION: Soresina, cremona, Italy YEAR: 2021 CLIENT: Fondazione Benefattori Soresinesi


LOCATION: On Lne https://landing.cientifica.edu.pe/seminarioar YEAR: 2021
Pacioli school in Crema

retrofit of Pacioli secondary school

LOCATION: Crema YEAR: 2018 CLIENT: Provincia di Cremona
Rocca de

Restoration of medieval Rocca de Terzi

LOCATION: Sissa YEAR: 2018 CLIENT: Municipality of Sissa Trecasali, PR; Italy
Downtown residential building in Kathmandu

Damage survey, vulnerability assessment and retrofit of a residential building in Nepal

LOCATION: Lalitpur (Nepal) YEAR: 2016 CLIENT: Downtown Housing Company Pvt. Ltd.
Mirandola building after the June 2012 main shock

Mirandola apartment building

LOCATION: Mirandola, Italy YEAR: 2014
Finite Element Model of the base isolated reactor core

EC funded project ESNII +

YEAR: 2013-2016 CLIENT: European Commission - European Atomic Energy Community